• Hydro 80% 80%
  • Steam and Gas 45% 45%
  • Wind 95% 95%
  • Solar 45% 45%
  • Reciprocating 85% 85%


The link between the real world and the Digital world is the key in the success of the operation and has a major impact on the economy of power systems.

Our know-how and experience in field testing and mathematical modeling of all types of generators and controls ensure the quality of the results.

Electrical Studies has developed tests and models of: Voltage Regulators (AVR), Limiters (OEL, UEL V / Hz), Governors (GOV) and synchronous machines in more than 30000MW of all types of technology.

Thanks to the remarkable specialization in control systems and the regulatory requirements in relation to the primary regulation services, black start we can guaranty the projects success in every power plant.

We have designed and commissioned new control loop and audited the operation of units that participate in these services as well.

This differential training has made us market leaders.

Likewise, it has made it possible to incorporate into our services the electric commissioning of generation plants and to perform it optimally for each country, ensuring compliance with current legal regulations.



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