Saturn 2e is a real time monitoring device.

Saturn 2e

The goal:

1. To analyze the correct functioning of frequency regulation.

2. To optimize the economic operations of the units.

A complete internal mathematical model allows SATURN 2e to adapt to every type of units, both hydraulic or thermic and to every kind of operative conditions.

The strength of the implemented mathematical algorithms combined with the internal microprocessor’s calculation ability make the SATURN 2e an incredibly solid and reliable device.

Benefits for the overall System:

In competitive electrical markets, frequency and voltage must be both reliable and high-quality while preserving optimal cost.

In relation with the frequency and, especially, its random variations, generators do play a very important and irreplaceable role.

In this regard, Independent System Operators (ISOs) define through simulation studies the optimal spinning reserve to achieve the desired energy quality for the grid.

These simulation studies provide spinning reserve margins considering that all units are working properly.

If they weren´t, it is very likely that, due to disturbances within the system, unnecessary load shedding would occur, causing major economic impacts to all parties, including generators.

SATURN 2e allows the ISOs to know, in real time, the different PFR indicators (Dead Band, Droop and Settling Time) of the units participating in this ancillary service. Based on that, ISOs are able to take actions, such as, including more units that regulate frequency and/or increasing the spinning reserve for certain units.


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