The R&D department is responsible for highly focused short-term projects.

Applications supporting power plants operation, and dynamic systems simulator software.


The perfect tool for dynamic simulation and analysis of general physical systems.

Designed to provide a simple approach to complex problems with or without analytical solutions.

Photon can simulate all type of systems represented by: Differential and/or Algebraic equations, linear and non linear.

Photon is simple, fast and efective tool to build, simulate and analize complex control system using block diagrams.

Plot Capability

Plot Capability On-Line is a powerful software, entirely developed by ELECTRICAL STUDIES’s R&D department, that helps Power Plants, Control Centers and Dispatch Centers in daily operation.

The application allows users to easily check whether a given generator is operating within a safe area or not, as well as the interaction with excitation limiters and protections, all based on the actual generation voltage.

In addition, up to 10 additional functions could be included and freely programmed by means of a very high-level programming language.


LoadManager® is a comprehensive software aimed to identify the models and parameters that accurately represent the electrical loads in any power grid. These models are suitable to be included in power system simulators to run both Load Flow Calculations and Dynamic Simulations of the overall system behavior.

LoadManager® integrates all the steps needed to obtain fully parameterized load models, automatically.

These different steps involve from an initial characterization and classification of the different loads (clustering), to the determination of fully parameterized models based on real tests carried out on representative key loads of the system under study.

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